Recent Research Papers

• Mani, A. Types of Probabilities Associated with Rough Membership Functions Forthcoming'2015. 12pp

• Mani, A. Antichain Based Semantics for Rough Sets in RSKT 2015, D. Ciucci, G. Wang, S. Mitra, and W. Wu, Eds. Springer-Verlag, 2015, 319--330.

• Mani, A. Generative Rough Fuzzy Dialectics Forthcoming 2015: 36pp

• Mani, A. Probabilistic vs Rough Dependence Asian Logic Conference'2015: 5--8 Jan'2015, IIT,Bombay (ASL Conference)

• Mani, A. Research Monograph:"Algebraic Semantics of Proto-Transitive Rough Sets" First Edition July'2014 90pp Download: arXiv:1410.0572

• Mani, A. " Approximation of General Rough Semantics" Submitted'2014 14pp

• Mani, A. " Ontology, Rough Y-Systems and Dependence"(Long Version) Special Issue on Computational Intelligence: International Journal of Computer Science & Applications. 10/2014; 11(2):114--136. Web Link

• Mani, A. " Ontology, Rough Y-Systems and Dependence" ICCI' 2014, Accepted 20pp (Keynote Talk)

• Mani, A. " Approximation Dialectics of Proto-Transitive Rough Sets" In Facets of Uncertainties and Applications'2013}, M. K. Chakraborty et. al. (Eds) Springer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics 125, Springer Verlag, 1--11.

• Mani, A. " L-Computing over Rough Y-Systems" Submitted' 2013 20pp

• Mani, A. " Contamination-Free Measures and Algebraic Operations" Proceedings of FUZZIEEE'2013,Hyderabad Edited by N.Pal et. al. 16pp

• Mani, A. "Granular Approach to Generalized Transitive Rough Sets" Forthcoming, 78pp.

• Mani, A. "Modified Rough Measures in the Light of Contamination" Forthcoming, 24pp.

• Mani, A. "Dialectics of Knowledge Representation in a Granular Rough Set Theory" ICLA'2013,IMsc Chennai 15pp. Download

• Mani, A. "Axiomatic Approach to Granular Correspondences" In Proceedings of RSKT'2012, edited by Li, T et. al, LNAI 7414, 2012, 482--487, Springer-Verlag.

• Mani, A. "An Axiomatic Theory of Granules for all Types of Rough Set Theory and Meta-Applications" Forthcoming '2010-11, 59pp

• Mani, A. "Dialectics of Counting and Mathematics of Vagueness" Transactions on Rough Sets Vol XV, LNCS 7255,'2012, 122--180 Download Link.

• Mani, A. "Towards Logics of Some Rough Perspectives of Knowledge" In Series: Intelligent Systems Reference Library dedicated to the memory of Prof. Pawlak, (ed. Suraj, Z and Skowron, A.) '2011-12, 342--367

• Mani, A. "More Semantics of Some Rough Perspectives Of Knowledge" In Proc of FRUAA'2011, NIT Durgapur'2011, 6pp

• Mani, A. "Choice Inclusive General Rough Semantics" Information Sciences181(6), Vol 181, 1097--1115, '2011

• Mani, A. "Dialectics of Counting and Measures of Rough Set Theory" In IEEE Proc. of NCESCT'2011, Pune, Feb-1-3, Arxiv:1102.2558, 17pp, 2011

• Mani, A. "Towards an Algebraic Approach for Cover Based Rough Semantics and Combinations of Approximation Spaces" In Proc. RSFDGrC' 2009, LNAI 5908,(ed. Sakai, H. et. al) pp.~77--84, Springer,2009

• Mani, A. "Integrated Dialectical Semantics for Relativised Rough Set Theory"
Internat. Conf. on Rough Sets, Fuzzy Sets and Soft Computing, Tripura University, Agartala, India Arxiv, '2009

• Mani, A. "Algebraic Semantics of Similarity Based Bitten Rough Set Theory"
Fundamenta Informaticae 97 (1-2) 2009,177--197.

• Mani, A. "A program in dialectical rough set theory"
Preprint Arxiv, '2009

• Mani, A. "Semiset, Alternative Set and Rough Set Theories"
Preprint '2010, 36pp

• Mani, A. "Meaning, Choice and Algebraic Semantics of Similarity Based Rough Set Theory"
Internat. Conf. Logic and Applications, Chennai, 2009;, 12pp

• Mani, A. "Esoteric Rough Set Theory: Algebraic Semantics of a Generalized VPRS and VPRFS"
Transactions in Rough Sets Vol-VIII,LNCS 5084, 2008, 175--223

• Mani, A. "Di-Algebraic Semantics of Logics"
Fundamenta Informaticae 70, (4) 2006, 333--350

• Mani, A. "Super Rough Semantics"
Fundamenta Informaticae 65, 2005, 1--13

• Mani, A. "Rough Equalities on Posets and Rough Difference Orders"
Fund. Informat. 53 (3,4) 2002, 321--333

• Mani, A. "Representation of TQBA and Variants"
Preprint, 2004

• Mani, A. "V-Perspectives, Pseudo-Natural Number Systems and Partial Orders"
Glasnik Math Vol.37 (57) 2002, 245-257

• Mani, A. "Constrained Abstract Representation Problems in Semigroups and Partial Groupoids" Glasnik Math. 39 (59) 2004, 245--255

• Mani, A. "Dialectically Presentable Logics" Preprint, '2006, '2007

• Mani, A. "Concrete Representation Theorems for Generalized Closure Operators"
Under Revision

• Mani, A. "A Partial-Algebraic Logic of TQBAs"
To be Submitted, 2007

• Mani, A. "Algebraic Semantics of Rough Difference Orders"
Internat. Symposium on Mathematics at the Cal.Math.Soc. Dec`20-22, 2002

• Mani, A. "Abstract Representation for Partial Difference Lattices"
Internat. Seminar on Mathematics and its appl at the Cal. Math. Soc.`2001

• Mani, A. "Partial Stems, Retracts, Structure Theorems and Refinement Classes of CL-algebras"
, Int. Sem. on Math and its Applic. at the Cal. Math. Soc.`Dec.2003

• Mani, A. "A Dialectical Partial Algebraic Approach to Non-Monotone Logics"
Seminar on Trends in Mathematics, organized by the Univ of Calcutta `Feb 20-21`2002

• Mani, A. "On the Notions, the Philosophies and the Truths of Dialectical Logics"
Summer School and Seminar on Logic and Cognition organized by the CLC, CU and the Univ. of Jadavpur, Calcutta `Jun'1999

Others (Recent):

• Mani, A. "Dialectically Presentable Logics"
Preprint'2006-07, 50pp

• Mani, A. "Common Misinterpretations of Godel's Theorems"

• Mani, A. "On Artin L-Functions"

• Mani, A. "Dialectics of Algebraic Logic"
Preprint. Seminar on Logic and Semantics organized by the Calcutta Logic Circle at J.U. Oct' 2005

• Mani, A. "Model-theoretic Approach to Generalized Inverses in Semigroups"

• Mani, A. "Problems Arising at the Underlying Language of a Given Formal Logic"
Preprint. Seminar on Logic and Computing organized by the Calcutta Logic Circle at C.U. 2001

• Mani, A. "Dialectical Connectionist Models"
Under Revision, Preprint'2001

• Mani, A. "Subset F-Distinct Partial Algebras"

• Mani, A. "Possible Course Designs for Universal Algebra for Logic"
Preprint, revised 2005

• Mani, A. "Special Courses for Interdisciplinary Interaction at the Research Level" N Bull.Cal.Math.Soc 23 (3,4) 2000, 17--20