Research Areas

My current research areas include Partial and Universal Algebras, Logic and Rough Set Theory. More specifically I work on Algebraic Logic, Rough Sets, Dialectical Logic, Algebras of Quantum Logic, Semi-groups and Ordered Structures. I take much interest in problems in the foundations of Mathematics and philosophy too.

Most of my recent publications have been in the area of foundations of rough sets and algebraic logic. My research in rough sets cover adaptation of rough semantics to Posets with difference, enhanced higher order semantics for classical rough set theory, Tolerance Approximation Spaces, Granular Rough Semantics, Variable Precision Rough Sets, Irreflexive Rough Sets, Bitten RST (in TAS), Logic of TQBA and Variants, Problem of Combining Generalized Rough Semantics, Dialectical Rough Logics, Rough Theory of Knowledge, Integrated (of multiple meta levels) Rough Semantics, Mereology and applications in algebra and logic.

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Other Research Areas

Before 1996, I used to work on fixed point theory, summability, topology, posets and semigroups mainly.


I have been working on three different monographs on algebra, order and logics for quite some time. These are delayed due to my pre-occupation with research papers and other matters.


Usually I work alone, but I do collaborate with:

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I have been listed by the International Biographic Centre in the category "Leading Scientists of the World, 2009".